About Lynne's FACEMAGIC Melbourne Face Painter Body Artist

Internationally acclaimed Lynne Jamieson is based in Werribee, west of Melbourne. Victoria

We specialize in amazing fast face paint designs for children of all ages, catering to high volume crowds at shopping centres, festivals, children's birthday parties, family functions, corporate events, weddings, barmitz vahs, Christmas parties, fairs, bistros. From fairy parties to spooky pirate parties

FACEMAGIC is ready to add colour and fun.

Body painting is an amazing marketing tool delivering that "WOW" factor. Promote your Logo and company colours with Living Art.
Artwork featured on this web is 100 % "Brush and Sponge". No airbrushing.

The "Image Gallery" is filled with facepainting pictures and Corporate Body Art Designs.

Public Liability - FDA Approved Products - "Working with Children" certificate. We are covered and ready to add some "MAGIC" to your next event!

Scary Halloween face painting pictures of green sugar skull, pumpkin eye design, skeleton eye design, Tim Burton's JACK, Horns, Spider butterfly and Mad Hatter
Scary and Elegant Halloween Face Painting Designs
Mad Hatter - Green Sugar Skull - Tim Burton's "JACK"
Pumpkin Eye Design - Skull Butterfly

Creepy ghoul face painting pictures with ribs sticking out of skeleton, blood coming from eyes, black roses with black lace, bleeding rotting teeth. Face painting ideas for Halloween
Rotting Flesh - Skull and Ribs - Goth Face Painting with Cut Throat
Painted Purple Spider Dress
"The Black Rose" with Bleeding Eyes and Body Painted Lacework

A selection of face painting zombies, Beetle-Juice, Beetlejuice, blue death skeleton, skull face, dark angel, grim reaper and white sugar skull
Grim Reaper - White Sugar Skull - Dark Angel - "Blue Death" Zombie
Beetlejuice - Gore Ghouls

Halloween face painting favourites the devil, The Joker, sad clown, pirate, horny monster, 3 eyed face and scary teeth skull
The JOKER - Pirate -Sad Clown - Red Devil
The CROW - 3 Eyed Ghoul and Creepy Faces